What do we do with all our stuff?

After 20+ moves back and forth across the country within 35 years of marriage, we collected a lot of stuff. A lot. So much of this stuff is important and meaningful to me, perhaps a little less to George. Ok, a lot less. As I look around my house I wonder what and how to I lose these pieces of me. We are booked to fly to Paris to find a place to live. My soon to expire passport has been sent for renewal. I hope expedite means the same to that bureau as it does to me…one step closer to the reality that this is going to happen SOON. The vacation apartment is almost sold, now to retrieve my stuff from that home. Now to struggle with the big issue: Can I really sell my house? I’m rather impartial to the structure and location, but the contents make it my home. So in my mind, a glimpse into my future – that pathetic show – Storage Wars.


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